Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Black Swan Theory and Scorpion Child

The Black Swan Theory recently styled a music video for the song "Polygon of Eyes" by Scorpion Child. Here are some behind the scenes photos and the finished video.  

 Charmaine Lewis

 Sara Cummings
Hattie Watson

 Rossi Ann Saenz
 Hattie Watson
 Charmaine Lewis
 Hattie Watson
 Cecilia Alejandra

"Polygon of Eyes"
Directed by Francis Casanova
Song Produced by Frenchie Smith Records
Video Produced by Twitchy Dolphin Flix
Hair by: Sara Cummings
Makeup by: Sara Eudy
Clothing: The Black Swan Theory

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lauryn Holmquist

      When I started The Black Swan Theory I had no idea I would be working with so many amazing people.
 All the photos on this post are by photographer Davis Ayer and model Lauryn Holmquist
Two people that make my job too easy.


I have worked with a lot of models since starting The Black Swan Theory. Lauryn Holmquist has to be one of my favorite girls. Sure she is beautiful, I have yet to see her take a bad picture, but even more shocking is her personality. She is one of those girls that is not only sweet as can be, but funny, laid back and fun to be around. She is fearless and not afraid of getting dirty, she has been knows to climb trees, hike in platforms and even model in a squatter house...and never complaining while doing it. 

One of my other favorite things about Lauryn Holmquist is the fact she can model any look. Not many models can pull off a Metal shirt and vintage cut-offs and then the next photo shoot wear a Vintage Thierry Mugler evening gown.  


You can see more of Lauryn here:
Clothing seen in this post:  The Black Swan Theory
For more info on photographer Davis Ayer